message from the mods
we created california with the sole purpose of having fun. we are all aware of the state of rp at the moment but all we can do is try to create an encouraging community where we generally want to see each other thrive. we don't take rp that seriously and neither should you. this means we're asking you to let people have fun and to keep your negative opinions to yourself. we feel that there are plenty of pb comms out there for you to join if you're unhappy with our rules or member's character decisions. if you do join we ask that you bring a positive and friendly attitude and you'll receive the same in return!
community rules
setting up for california
since we know tracking down a journal you like can be rough these days we've decided that journals at california can be ooc or ic. regardless of which you pick neither should have unnecessary numbers or underscores. backdate your in character and out of character posts. as far as character info goes we do not require bios or anything like that but do encourage you to write a blurb if you have time. you are required however to have your character's name, job, birthday/age, hometown and premade listed. please make sure you link something about your premade from wikipedia.
being active in the community
like most communities you have the entire month to post your required activity updates. we require you update two times a month and both updates can be anything you want at all. you cannot post the same type of update twice in a month as your activity. if you post an instagram post first your second should be something different. considerable participation in monthly activities like ffas and plot posts can be used as passes for your second update of the month. any interactive updates will only be accepted as part of your required activity if you've replied to the comments left for you (more than one reply back and forth in some cases) and you put effort into interacting with members of the community. no posting and running please as it defeats the purpose.
dating app, wire, other apps
tinder posts are allowed in the community however they should not be posted to the fp. you should have a dating app posted and backdated in your character journal. you can link that in our dating app community once a week.

we discourage wire but do not outright ban it. if you choose to use wire or any other communication app we ask that it not take away from your custom and fp activity. we reserve the right to alter this rule at any time if we feel it's become a problem.